Yoga mat OM TRAVEL 2 mm

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Product description

 Dimensions: 183X61cm

Thickness: 2mm | Weight: 1.75 kg

Ultra-light, non-slip yoga mat that is easy to roll up. Made of biodegradable rubber and absorbing microfiber. The mat is very pleasant to the touch, while maintaining anti-slip properties. Thanks to its light weight, you can take it anywhere with you. 

A unique gadget for travelers.

The mat can optionally be folded into cubes.

Sold in a set with a bag. 


The grip of the mat is activated as the intensity of the practice increases. The hotter the body, the greater the contact with the mat. Pleasant to the touch microfiber prevents the feeling of sticking to the mat. The rolled up mat with the bag will fit in a large travel suitcase and, if necessary, it can be folded into a cube.  


Practice comfort

A lightweight mat with a thickness of 2mm, which will be perfect for travel and as a top layer for a mat available in the studio. Special embossing on the bottom ensures that the mat does not change its position during exercise. The mat does not unroll at the edges even with the most dynamic practice.


Clean composition

Base: 100% natural biodegradable rubber with perfect adhesion to the ground

Surface: high-quality non-slip microfiber, resistant to abrasion.

Natural rubber is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The mat does not contain PVC, silicones, latex, lead and cadmium. The mat does not have a synthetic smell and thanks to the welding of layers in the production process, the potential use of toxic glue has been eliminated. Recyclable. The print is made with water-based paints. We use environmentally friendly packaging.

Easy cleaning

It is enough to wipe the mat with a heavily moistened cloth, and in the event of stubborn dirt, it can be washed in a washing machine at max. 30°C. Do not use detergents and do not tumble dry. After washing, the mat should be laid out to dry. Avoid prolonged sun exposure.



The microfiber covered with the mat works under the influence of moisture - the more you sweat, the greater the adhesion. If you are not warmed up enough yet, it is enough to slightly moisten your hands or feet with water before practice, or spray it on the mat. During the first asanas, it is worth focusing on pressing your hands and feet harder to the mat.



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