Yoga mat WILDERNESS COMFY Coated 3,5mm

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Product description

Dimensions: 183X61cm

Thickness: 3.5mm | Weight: 2.5kg

COMFY yoga mat covered with an additional non-slip layer. The mat is made of natural rubber and absorbing microfiber with a natural top cover. It has a more rough surface than the classic COMFY mat, which ensures grip from the first minute of practice. 

Designed for the practice of any type of yoga. It will provide good cushioning and safety of performing all asanas. It is also perfect for fitness exercises.

Sold in a set with a bag. 



The slightly rough top layer ensures adhesion from the first moments on the mat. It works best for people whose hands rarely sweat, hands and feet warm up slowly, and for practicing yoga in cooler rooms.


Practice comfort

The most optimal thickness among yoga mats, amounting to 3,5 mm will provide you with stabilization, and the special embossing on the bottom ensures that the mat does not change its position during exercise. The mat does not unroll at the edges even with the most dynamic practice. The density of the rubber provides cushioning and helps to protect the joints during practice. Recommended for people with sensitive knees and elbows.

Clean composition

Base: 100% natural biodegradable rubber with perfect adhesion to the ground

Surface: high-quality microfiber, covered with a natural non-slip coating.

Natural rubber is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The mat does not contain PVC, silicones, latex, lead and cadmium. The mat does not have a synthetic smell and thanks to the welding of layers in the production process, the potential use of toxic glue has been eliminated. Recyclable. The print is made with water-based paints. We use environmentally friendly packaging.


Easy cleaning

It is enough to wipe the mat with a heavily moistened cloth, and in the event of stubborn dirt, it can be washed in a washing machine at max. 30°C. Do not use detergents and do not tumble dry. After washing, the mat should be laid out to dry. Avoid prolonged sun exposure.


For even better adhesion, the mat can be lightly sprayed with water or wet your hands and feet. During the first asanas, it is worth focusing on pressing your hands and feet harder to the mat.