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Product description

Dimensions: 183 X 61cm
Thickness: 5mm | Weight: 500g
Yoga mat made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a biodegradable material that is extremely light. An economical mat, perfect for the beginning of your adventure with yoga.
A thick, very comfortable mat that gives a feeling of softness.
It has a good grip and the delicate herringbone grooves help keep the hands and feet in place.
Laser engraved alignment lines help to correct alignment on the mat and limb positions. The mat does not curl and lays flat on the floor.
The modern TPE material makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.
Sold in a set with a 2-in-1 strap, helpful for carrying the mat and for yoga practice.


The mat is made of TPE material (ethermoplastic lastomer ).

Free from heavy metal compounds, AZO dyes, PVC and latex.

Easy to clean

The mat should be cleaned by hand using a wet cloth.