The benefits of regular yoga and concentration are enormous. As it turns out, the effects of exercise can be enhanced by the right atmosphere and mood in the room. So how to take care of such a climate? We have some tips for you.

Create a space for yourself

Find a place to exercise in your apartment. Place your mat and any other accessories you have there. You can also add all sorts of oriental figurines. Try to find a space where you can focus only on yoga. The size of the "self corner" fully depends on your preferences. Some will like the small and intimate one, while others will prefer a large room - there is complete freedom in this subject. According to many yogis, choosing one space for yoga practice is the key to complete relaxation and peace. It gives us a sense of security and the awareness that the time spent in a given place is a moment for us.

The sense of smell and relaxation

As it turns out, the smells in the room have a significant impact on our concentration. Before starting the exercises, you can light scented candles or incense sticks. The well-known aromas will allow you to fully concentrate and concentrate. They also support relaxation and a sense of security. You can arrange all fragrant accessories in the aforementioned "relaxation corner".


I think each of us knows how difficult it is to focus when someone constantly accosts us. Yoga is an activity in which concentration of thoughts plays a major role. So ask your family members to remain silent, and if possible - to leave the room. Eliminate any gadgets that can distract you. Mute the phone, turn off the radio or TV. Remember that this part of the day belongs to you and try to use it as well as you can.

During the session, turn on quiet, relaxing music. It will allow you to fully relax and unwind. It works just like smells - a well-known melody will give you a sense of security. As a result, relaxation will come to you much faster. Some music apps have yoga-specific playlists - you should look for them in advance. Maybe you will even find one that will stay permanently during your practice and become its integral part.

Prepare yourself for each exercise

Take care of every detail before starting the session. If you are using other gadgets, place them close to the mat. As a result, you will not have to stop yoga, and each addition will be right next to you. Unnecessary searching will surely be problematic and impractical. It is also a good idea to have a pillow handy to sit on and meditate at the beginning or end of the practice.

It is worth taking care not only of yoga accessories. There should be water next to your mat, which you can use during or after exercise. Staying well hydrated has a significant impact on your well-being during and after yoga.

Yoga attire

Many people find this point trivial. As it turns out, a good outfit can have a significant impact on our comfort during exercise. Let's choose the one with the right size and cut, all according to your preferences. Inappropriately selected clothes can significantly restrict movements, and in many people even cause embarrassment.


A yoga instructor can correct our posture and position, and by practicing alone, we have to correct ourselves. It requires concentration and mindfulness. Introducing these points into your routine will help you be "here and now." Yoga at home, practiced in the right conditions, will allow you to experience many more benefits.