Many people ask themselves, "Why is yoga so popular?" As it turns out, all this is due to its beneficial effects on the entire body. Today it is associated not with religious practices, but with a great form of physical activity! Where does yoga come from and why should you be interested in it? We come to you with the answers!

The history of yoga in a nutshell ...

Did you know that the practice of yoga began 4.5 thousand years ago? It's hard to believe, but then people in India developed a system of movements that we know today. Back then, yoga was a practice to gain some power from the gods. Over time, the perception of yoga has changed beyond recognition, and the current yoga is not related to religion. Yoga is a system of philosophy that builds the balance between body and soul. Today we can distinguish many types of it - we can find both the more dynamic and the calmer variants. There is certainly a version that is right for you. This type of practice has become a physical activity that benefits not only the body but also the spirit. Exactly - what are the advantages of practicing yoga?

Something for the body ...

No matter for what reasons you do yoga. This practice will have a great effect on your body and health. The great advantage of yoga is that it engages practically all the muscles in our body, from head to toe. Yoga has an amazing effect on our body posture. Performed asanas straighten our spine and pinch our shoulder blades together. This means that during the day we straighten our back and do not slouch. Through exercises, we relax the spine and increase the intervertebral spaces.
Interestingly, yoga can be very effective in relieving pain. It copes well with cramps or joint pains. In women, it works as well as a pain reliever during menstruation. What's more, it strengthens the muscles and prevents injuries in the future. At the same time, we improve flexibility as well as our motor coordination.
It turns out that regular yoga practice can also have an impact on the condition of our skin. Research shows that it increases the amount of antioxidants in the blood, which prevents the aging process of the entire body! It also supports immunity - yogis get sick much less often.

… Something for the spirit!

Yoga can boast a great influence on the nervous system. It calms the body, helps to relax and fully calms down even after a difficult day. As a result, it improves the quality of sleep and makes us wake up refreshed. Research shows that regular practice improves both your blood pressure and lung function. Yoga also significantly improves metabolism. Consequently, yogis lose weight easily and are more likely to choose a healthy diet. Exercising with asanas also has a positive effect on the hormonal balance. Yoga helps to cope with aggression and stress more easily and additionally affects the proper vascularization of the brain, which improves our concentration.
One of its most important advantages is the opportunity to get to know yourself. Anyone who practices yoga confirms that the practices have helped in both accepting and knowing one's own body. Moreover, yoga allows you to gain complete inner peace and maintain harmony between your body and spirit.
This type of exercise will also turn out to be a great complement to standard strength exercises. After each training session, you need to stretch properly. Yoga is a progressive activity. In the first class, you may not touch the floor with your fingers and you may not be able to do many other things, but you will see that from training to training you will be getting better and more flexible. It will make you appreciate yourself. Yoga will also fulfill this task and additionally allow you to relax and forget about the worries of everyday life.

Is it worth it?

Through yoga, we gain self-confidence and learn to look at our body differently. We begin to fully accept and love them. We are also changing our attitude towards the world. Yoga is practiced by children, adults and the elderly, because it can be adapted to any age. By starting your adventure with yoga, you have a chance to discover a passion that will accompany you throughout your life.