Natalia Pinkowska- yoga teacher, life coach, psychologist. When she first went to India to practice becauseę, she focused on changes in the body. When wrfromshe cut there a second time, found much more by entering the path of her dharma. Teaches women how to speakearyour intuition, to be self-confident and value the power of female energy. In his spare time, he looks at kosmosbecause, as he claims, what is happening above our heads is a perfect mapfromas is.

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How you brought yoga together in three important aspects of your life, psychology i coaching?

I combined them by creating my original method, which is Yoga Life Coaching, which actually combines three aspects that are so important to me. Yoga - as a set of determinants of a good life, in harmony with yourself. It shows how to live a life that is juicy, full and authentic. It is also a link to your own body. Psychology and Coaching - which are a tool for me to help guide me on the right path. By using the verbalization of our desires and needs, we build awareness and understanding of ourselves on a mental level. These three elements are a holistic connection for me, between mind, heart and body.

Why did you consider the psychological aspects of human life?

I am a master of psychology and although I finished my studies some time ago, they were definitely the starting point for my personal and professional journey. I am fascinated by how we live, what choices we make and what patterns we follow. By observing this, we can change our lives for the better.

What guided you when you chose your career path?

The professional beginnings were marked by the need to meet expectations, a sense of the need to succeed, also in the material field. I was driven by ambitions which, as it turned out later, did not find fertile ground. And that's good, because the work in an advertising agency that I was doing at that time was completely inconsistent with my values, which I am aware of today. After 5 years in this industry, I felt completely burned out. I decided to change something. Psychology came back to me when I started living more consciously and looking for answers. It was then that life coaching appeared on my path, and the whole thing was completed by teaching yoga and working with personal development, which I love. I've always wanted to work with passion, but only when I got to know myself, did I understand what I really want to do in my life.

At some point you connected yoga and psychology, is it in your opinion a good form of contact with the body, mind, soul?

Yoga is for me more than just physical exercises (asanas) - it is the psychology of the Eastern world. Thus, by combining psychology in our understanding and yoga, we have the opportunity to look at ourselves from a broader perspective and in a holistic perspective. The Yoga Life Coaching trend that I use in my work gives my clients the opportunity to get to know themselves, change their lives and achieve what they want and need the most. In fact, yoga and psychology (or coaching if we are talking about the attitude towards the future) is a collection of tips on how to reach the knowledge that each of us already has in us. They help you live in harmony with yourself and fully.

How did yoga come into your life, or was it is a conscious choiceór, coincidence?

I assume there are no coincidences. I came to yoga because I wanted to take care of my body. From the need to take care of the spine, back. I worked full time, at my desk, all day at the computer. I felt the effects of sitting and lack of exercise a lot, for these reasons I decided to enroll in yoga. It wasn't until later that I discovered how much more yoga has to offer. Today I teach this yoga to its full extent.

Where did you get your patterns from when you practiced yoga ?

I lived abroad for a good few years and traveled a lot, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia. It was then that I broadened my horizons. I began to understand that the world is open to us and that we are the only limitation (e.g. by a language block and shame). I started peeping and learning from teachers all over the world. Returning to Poland, I had the assumption that I wanted to instill new models here and go beyond the well-established patterns of education or personal development.

In ktAt what point in your life have you discovered that yoga is much more than properly done asanas?

In fact, I only noticed it on my second trip to India, then I understood what yoga is. I was doing a teacher training course at the time. During the course, thanks to my teachers, it dawned on me that yoga is much more than just the body. I felt it on myself.

This journey opened a new space in me, I saw yoga as a holistic approach that combines body, spirit and work with emotions. I include all of this in my class with my students.

What was your first trip to India?

The first trip to India included a tour of the country and a retreat in the Himalayas. I studied in Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre. There was a lot of emphasis on awareness during this trip bodiesto. CIAit is very important, espfromIt is not for us Westerners, so I do not want to marginalize it. By working with awareness ciaI learned myself anew. I began to see connections between what mfromin and my body, and how I think or feel. However, I found out how to understand and read them later, when I entered the spiritual path of yoga.

What was different about the next trip to India, what this trip brought with it?

The second trip to India was a case of ktwhich was not an accident. In four years I have traveled searching for myself, experiencing. I spent seven months backpacking, exploring Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I was looking for myself, I knew that I wanted to live to the full. This trip was supposed to be the culmination of all trips. India was not planned at all, and it was not meant to be an encounter with yoga. I bought tickets to Sri Lanka, after thinking, I found that maybe two and a half months on one island would be too long. He startedso am looking for a yoga course in india ktwhich was to be the fulfillment of this time. I flew from Sri Lanka to a teacher training course in Goa. When flying there, I did not expect that I would become a yoga teacher. I was doing it for myself, to meet myself.

How has yoga changed your life?

There are two yoga chapters in my life, the first one in whichI treated her a bit superficially and the other one, in whichwhich flourished. It was 2018, then I understood that yoga allows me to know myself, authentic, real. All the changes happened because yoga stopped me. He was in everyday life or travelsI am in the rush of life all the time. I looked at myself, my values, I looked at my emotions. WsI fell into my body and what it is the story tells me. The body is very strongly connected with the emotions, ktwhich thanks to yoga I began to notice, name and let go.

Did you get to know yourself through yoga?

Yoga gaveand for me the opportunity to connect with myself - to get to know my authentic self, gave me a chance to rest, became my support during a deep crisisin. The truth is, when I landed on a teacher training course I had a deep life crisis and yoga helped me overcome it. It gave me a sense of meaning, understanding, a feeling of being connected to myself undera.

What kind of yoga do you practice?

I don't have one style thatI am fully dedicated to the eighth. I feel hatha in my heartyoga - this traditional path, ktwhich is static, in whichwhich is to stop and feel yourself and your breath. On the other hand, given mine fiery nature, the need to be active, I practice and teach vinyasa, it is more dynamic but also creative a form of yoga. This style was created a little bit less western man, ktfromremu it is harder otherwise to keep the mind. Practicing alone at home, I most often combine these techniques responding to what I need the most at a given moment.

Yoga nidra, ktThat is a good wayor to calm the rushing mindin?

Yoga nidra it's practice pratyahary, that is exit from the outside world and inviting the senses inside. Nidra in the language of yoga means sleep and it is this deep relaxation that the body is subjected to. For the spirit, however, it is an opportunity to see what is on the border of our subconscious. It is a form of guided meditation that makes possiblethere internal travel, listen to yourself. Maybe be shealso used as a therapist's practicemanual or an exercise in mindfulness.

You have created a project for women, what are its assumptionspeople?

Woman in full - kt projectfromry i run was made for women who want more. Its primary goal is flukesfromI value women their power, giving them the opportunity to look at themselves, come outcia outside the structure uwikhierarchical chains, patriarchy andfroml social in which we are implemented a nurturing femininity and sisterhood at the same time. We often push ourselves to the background, and in fact we are the most important person in life for ourselves. We forget about it too often.

Everything is in us, you just need to discover it?

That's right, coaching helps me discover and find myself, it is a supporting technique for me in extracting answers thatwhich we carry within ourselves, to the level of consciousness.

How would you encourage someone to practice yoga?

I remember my first times and my needs with wthen. So I will step into the shoes of a beginner. People whoSince they are on the mat for the first time, I can assure you that yoga will allow them to get to know themselves, mainly at first by ciawo i becoming aware of how we breathe. It will bring relief and respite. With regular practice and openness, perhaps also through experiences on a deeper level. Above all, however, dit is an opportunity to get out of the everyday chaos i simply being with and for yourself in the present moment.

Did you find your purpose in your life thanks to yoga?

From the moment I entered the path of holistic yoga, I cannot imagine my everyday life without it, both privately and professionally. Yoga gaveand me the opportunity to come incia to the path of your dharma - your destiny. When I discovered it, I just knew thatthat this is my way - teaching i support of others in discovering yourself. All the doubts I had before have disappeared, and fulfilling my destiny gives me a great sense of fulfillment, joy and satisfaction every day.

Can everyone find their dharma?

It's not always easy but I believe that you ktfromthey will be prfromthey can find her. And it's really worth looking for! Our destiny may change depending on the moment in life we are in. The fact that today we will find ourselves in a given destiny does not mean that it will look the same in a few years. We can have I tea few. However, if you feel that you are not doing what you want and do not feel satisfied then you should definitely explore the possibilities that life gives us.

You are in the field of your intereststhe ralso astrology?

Astrology is an indicative map for meit is seen as something magical, but if we delve into it, we start to notice how closely related it is to the need to get to know ourselves. The energy aspect is very marked in astrology. The influence of the planets, the star system on us, on the earth, all matters. It's not just what your zodiac sign is, but what was the arrangement of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth and how it resonates with what it is today.

Why do you think astrology is something worth paying attention to?shed attention?

My adventure with astrology began with observing the moon, linking the cyclicality of the moon with the female cyclicality. Moving on, more and more withdelving into astrologersę and the more I understand it, I notice more and more hints coming from it. Astrology is for me fun fact. Along with the new astrological year, I launched the annual project ASTRO KRĘFEMALE GU, ktfromry is assumed to have pomfromc discovering themselves for women also through the use of astrology, teach them to understand who they are. Astrology is a map along whichfromrej we can move but the factorfromin upbuilding us and on us There are many more influencers that should be kept in mind.

What female energy brings to the world and our realitythere?

For me, female energy brings attention to feeling, heart and emotions. It allows emotions to just be. In the world, in ktfromthe rhyme dominates mind, intuition is relegated as being less important, or not existing or confusing us. For me, femininity is an opportunity to listen to the voice of intuition and the heart, respecting and respecting these aspectsthats in our life and just being. However, everything should be in balance - it is therefore important to combine the male and female elements with each other, respect and nurture both.

Do you have any dream related to the development of yoga practice?

My dream is to come backót to India. When I went there for the first time, it felt like I was inshe was going home and I miss this house. Due to covid, the journey was impossible. However, I hope to go there later this year. I would like tofromalso be able to meet in person and take part in my classes mentorki, która lives in Canada, I didn't have such an opportunity due to the pandemic. This is from John Roemer, I learned what nidra is and how to chair it. Kt scriptsI create are based on what energy in a given lunar cycle is affecting us. It was she who motivated me to work with astrology and the therapeutic aspect in relation to energy, ktwhich affect us.

How would you summarize your relationship with yoga?

Recently, my first and probably the most important yoga lesson that I received in India has been very much resonating in me. M.fromand it says that by putting ourselves first and honoring our needs, we best nurture our community. For me, the practice of yoga is a practice of self-love. So finding space every day to stand on the mat, meditating or investing in developmentfromj personal, I restore my power to create reality, ktfromra is good for me and my relatives.