Admittedly, today's market abounds in various types of yoga mats. Sometimes it's even hard for us to decide on one of the options. Have you ever heard of those made of polyurethane? As it turns out, this variant is gaining more and more supporters. What attracts new yogis and why should you choose him?

Characteristics of PU mats

It should be noted that these accessories are not (in most cases) made entirely of polyurethane. Typically, this material is used for the top layer of mats, while their center is filled with another material, e.g. rubber. As we can guess, however, it is polyurethane that we owe some characteristic features ...

PU mats stand out significantly from their competitors. They are primarily larger - their width is usually over 60 cm. The material is soft and pleasant to the touch, so it protects our joints and bones perfectly. Performing asanas on such surfaces is completely safe and comfortable. Another undeniable advantage is their anti-slip properties. From the very first yoga session, we can enjoy reliable adhesion to the ground. What's more, the mat does not fold in any of its sections, even immediately after unfolding it. Although the name "polyurethane surface" sounds unusual to us, this variant is completely safe for our skin.

Ferrari among mats

PU mats are definitely one of the more expensive variants. The average prices of these certified options are around PLN 550. So it is an expense that can mark a significant scratch in our budget. In this case, however, a considerable price goes hand in hand with great quality, and polyurethane coated mats are considered the most durable. A one-time expense will allow you to enjoy it for a long, long time.

PU mats - for whom?

Is this a good starting mat? Not necessarily. You already know us a bit and you know that we are trying to be practical. If yoga is to be an irregular activity for you, and this type of activity is only a temporary adventure - opt for cheaper options. The PU mat will be a great solution for yogis who cannot imagine a day or week without yoga classes.

It will be perfect both for exercises at home and in a professional studio. However, it should be remembered that its increased width affects not only the comfort of practice, but also the weight. PU mats are therefore heavier than standard variants, and thus - sometimes impractical. They work well for people who get to yoga classes by car.

Thanks to the outstanding anti-slip properties, PU mats are often recommended for the practice of dynamic yoga styles. However, this is not a rule, and using this accessory you can also perform calmer exercises.

What should you watch out for?

When deciding to buy such an expensive mat, pay attention to every detail. First of all, it is worth taking care of the quality certificates that each mat should have. It is them that ensure that such a delicate material as PU will be resistant to most pollution. The colors of polyurethane mats are also prone to fading. To prevent this, the PU mat is not wiped with alcohol-based solutions, but with water alone or with a solution of water and cotton wool. Appropriate certificates are the best guarantee for us that the mat will look like new for a long time. Also think about the company you choose. Have they gained the trust of customers? Were their products made in harmony with the environment? Be sure to answer these questions.

Is it worth it?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question, and the final decision depends on your individual needs. For this, we can confirm that a PU mat that meets all the above-mentioned requirements will be worth its considerable price. Finally, we have nothing else to do but get acquainted with our unique offer of PU MATT mats and wish you a successful yoga practice!